Clock Jitter Workshop
April 9th

Clock Jitter Workshop - April 9th

Jitter isn't just the unfortunate side effect of a caffeine bender. It can be a serious challenge when you’re designing with high frequency reference clocks. As communication standards demand ever higher speeds, especially in PCIe, 10/40/100G Ethernet, Broadcast Video and CPRI/OBSAI applications, it's becoming increasingly difficult to meet the constraints put on timing budgets.

Join us at our half-day workshop covering the in's and out's of all things jitter, including:
  • What is jitter? Why is it ruining your life?
  • Classes of Jitter: Random vs Deterministic
  • Types of jitter measurements
  • How to minimize Jitter in your design

Event Details

Date: Thursday April 9, 2015

Time: 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Venue Details:
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

2505 Augustine Dr
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Presented by: Tony Smith

Cost: FREE
Breakfast and lunch will be provided

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Clock Jitter Smackdown Workshop

Jitter: What It Is, Why It Matters, What You Can Do to Minimize It

Event FAQ: 

Pre-work: Come prepared to tackle your next timing tree design!  Bring a laptop and learn how to customize a timing solution purpose-built for your application. NOTE: Install ClockBuilderPRO™ at  The presenter will walk through the demonstrations and exercises for those that are unable to bring a laptop.


8:30      Check-in

9:00      Introductions. Purpose/Plan for JITTER SMACKDOWN

9:15      What is JITTER? 

  - Why is it ruining my life?
  - Best
practices to reduce Jitter 
  - Best practices for measuring
PCIe Jitter 

    What is PSRR and why is that important in timing?

9:45     Demo 1: Jitter/PSRR measurement 

10:15    -----BREAK-----

10:30     Intro to timing trees

  - Growing complexity industry trends
   - Existing solutions.  Typical Engineering approach to selecting timing tree
   - New products that Keep Your Timing Tree Trim
   - New Tools that provide Instant Gratification – EVB/Field programmer to discuss various     design stages.

    - Video to show how to burn parts using a header  even after parts are on a board

11:15     Demo 2: Program your own part using ClockBuilderPro Field Programmer

11:45     Concluding Remarks

12:00     Lunch