From Imagination to the IoT

With growing product demands in today's Internet of Things world, you are probably evaluating different ways to add the ability to sense, compute and connect to your next product.

Join Silicon Labs' experts to discuss the latest solutions that can transform your ideas into IoT devices. During the webinar, we'll be covering:

  • Selecting the ideal MCU and Sensor technology for your application
  • Connectivity deep dive: Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi vs ZigBee/Thread vs Proprietary Sub-GHz radios
  • Demos with Silicon Labs' Sensor Puck, Blue Gecko Bluetooth module, Home Automation & and Lighting Reference Designs
  • Live Q&A with our team of Application Engineers -- try to stump them, we dare you!


General purpose up to 50 MHz
Flash: 2 - 16 KB
RAM: 0.5 - 2 KB

SAR ADC – 12-bit at 200 ksps; 10-bit at 800 ksps
2x low-current comparators with built-in DAC
2x UART (3 Mbps), 1x SPI (12 Mbps), 2x I2C (3.4 Mbps)
“Priority crossbar” – simplifies PCB design


Low Power up to 25 MHz
Flash: 2 - 64 KB
RAM: 0.5 - 4 KB

Energy friendly – 50 nA sleep mode with BOR
Active mode - 150 μA/MHz
Fast wake up - < 2 μs
Capacitive sense - < 1 μA wake on touch average


USB up to 48 MHz
Flash: 8 - 64 KB
RAM: 2 - 4 KB

No external crystal or regulator needed for USB
Low energy USB - up to 90% power reduction
USB charger detect circuit (USB-BCS 1.2)
2x UART (3 Mbps), 1x SPI (12 Mbps), 2x I2C (3.4 Mbps)


From Imagination to the IoT
Wed Sept 23rd, 10 AM HKT - Asia (Mandarin)
Wed Sept 23rd, 11 AM HKT - Asia (English)
Wed Sept 23rd, 10 AM BST - Europe (English)
Wed Sept 23rd, 10 AM PST - Americas (English)


From Imagination to the IoT
Mon Oct. 5, 11 AM JST - Asia (English)


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