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Industrial Automation Webinar Series

The growing trends in Industrial automation involves the integration of physical machinery and processes with sensors, computers, and software. The result is an intelligent manufacturing infrastructure that creates system architectures that are more affordable and effective.

Join us for an Industrial Automation Webinar Series where we take a deep dive into the areas making the largest impact in this revolution.

Webinar Topics        Power & Isolation | Bluetooth | Motor Control



Are you Completely Isolated? Digital and Power

Industrial designs commonly include Isolators to solve 3 key system issues:
- Safety from high voltages
- Level shifting
- Noise reduction

However, signal isolation is not enough on it’s own. You must also account for isolated power supplies. This Isolation challenge and others will be covered on this webinar by subject matter experts from Silicon Labs.


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Bluetooth for your Industrial Needs

Your customers are increasingly demanding wireless equipment controls using apps in Smartphones and Tablet computers. Bluetooth provides a versatile and widely-adopted standard, supported in all modern devices, that is well suited for sensor networks, wireless controls, and cable replacement applications. This webinar will cover Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth module solutions and the benefits they provide for Industrial designs:
- Long Range
- Ease of use ( No RF or Bluetooth experience required)
- Standalone operation using BGScript™


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8-bit or 32-bit to get your motor running

What are your biggest motor control design concerns? Silicon Labs provides engineers solutions that address their challenges. This webinar will cover the technology behind these solutions.
- Intelligent PWM control
- Lowest EMI Isolated gate drivers
- Software and Tool support

We will provide a video demonstration that details our production-quality hardware and software solution for BLDC motor control.

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