EFM8 Microcontrollers:
What's the BUZZ about?


Americas (English):  April 07 @ 10:00 PST
EMEA (English): April 09 @ 15:00 CEST
APAC (English): April 21 @ 9:00 CST  (UTM +8)
APAC (Mandarin)
: April 22 @ 9:00 CST  (UTM +8)

EFM8™ microcontrollers from Silicon Labs continue to push the boundaries of what engineers can demand from an 8-bit device. These devices enable designers to cram multiple analog and serial interfaces into the smallest of spaces.

Silicon Labs is hosting a webinar that will cover these common questions:
- Does your next USB design draw power from a portable device?
- In as small as a 3x3mm footprint?
- Have you struggled to include capacitive touch buttons in your design?
- Are you intrigued by enhancing your PWM signals?

Join us as we answer these questions and discuss the valuable features found in our new EFM8 MCUs. Also, see a live demonstration of how the Simplicity Studio development platform can streamline your project, from initial idea to final product.

Agenda includes:
- 8051 Advancements
- EFM8 Technical Details
- Live Demo of EFM8 Development Kits & Tools
- Q&A


General purpose up to 50 MHz
Flash: 2 - 16 KB
RAM: 0.5 - 2 KB

SAR ADC – 12-bit at 200 ksps; 10-bit at 800 ksps
2x low-current comparators with built-in DAC
2x UART (3 Mbps), 1x SPI (12 Mbps), 2x I2C (3.4 Mbps)
“Priority crossbar” – simplifies PCB design


Low Power up to 25 MHz
Flash: 2 - 64 KB
RAM: 0.5 - 4 KB

Energy friendly – 50 nA sleep mode with BOR
Active mode - 150 μA/MHz
Fast wake up - < 2 μs
Capacitive sense - < 1 μA wake on touch average


USB up to 48 MHz
Flash: 8 - 64 KB
RAM: 2 - 4 KB

No external crystal or regulator needed for USB
Low energy USB - up to 90% power reduction
USB charger detect circuit (USB-BCS 1.2)
2x UART (3 Mbps), 1x SPI (12 Mbps), 2x I2C (3.4 Mbps)

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EFM8 Starter Kits for Attendees*

All Attendees who answer the live webinar poll questions will qualify for an EFM8 Starter Kit. This kit allows you to quickly evaluate and design with the world’s best new 8-bit MCU.

EFM8 Starter Kit